Heritage property & art

The Heritage Property and Art group comprises specialist lawyers drawn from across the firm.  A multi-disciplinary approach allows us to tailor our services to a broad range of clients, including artists, auction houses, galleries, individuals owners and collectors, historic houses and charities, in the UK and overseas.

The advice we provide covers:

  • tax and succession planning for individual owners and trustees
  • the exemptions affecting buildings, landscapes and objects of national importance, offers in lieu of tax and heritage maintenance funds
  • the responsibilities of trustee owners of heritage property and art, including insurance, preservation and public access
  • buying and selling art, privately or at auction
  • art-related intellectual property, including artists' resale rights
  • the import and export of works of art
  • the formation and management of charities and art foundations
  • disputes about the ownership, provenance and authenticity of art
  • litigation over transactions involving agents, auction houses and galleries.

"They're knowledgeable, they know what matters and what doesn't, they are decent people to deal with, they're responsive, they're friendly and they're helpful."
Chambers HNW 2016