12 March 2018

Future Leaders in Property event

On Thursday 1 March circa 40 associates and senior associates from across Forsters' commercial real estate, construction, property litigation, planning and real estate finance came together to host the launch event for "FLIP" (Future Leaders in Property).  

The event was an evening of interactive networking with learn-to-play blackjack and roulette, canapés and drinks.  Despite the inclement weather(!) we had 119 attendees consisting of clients, potential clients and other professionals in the property sector.  We held a pun competition via social media with the hashtag #FLIP to promote the event and add to the competitive fun, and a prize was awarded to the person with the most chips towards the end of the evening.

Our next event will be a technical event at our offices consisting of a series of short talks for those in the FLIP network who would like to attend. 

Our LinkedIn group is now live and so we will be adding all guests who attended the casino event, as well as those who were unable to attend, to the group so that we can keep them updated of upcoming networking events and add relevant blogs and articles. 

A big thank you to all the Forsters hosts who attended and networked so seamlessly (clearly because we were all having so much fun ourselves!) It was an absolute cracker of an evening, as the photos from the night illustrate! Really great to get to the end of the evening and still have many guests remaining to move on to the casino bar.  Very much looking forward to the continuation of FLIP!

"Clients get a bespoke service that is all-encompassing. They can deal with the children matters as well as the finances. They don't seem to get flustered by things. They're a good team and clients are going to feel assured straight away that they're a team of professionals who know their stuff."
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