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26 May 2015

A man walks into a pub

In the words of Samuel Johnson, "nothing has yet been contrived by man by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern".

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15 May 2015

Squatting in Pall Mall? Not on our watch! Part two.

All seems to be going well but there is a sting in the tail.  Due to a technical irregularity with the Order, the Court is unable to process it.  If it is not processed, the hearing on Tuesday cannot go ahead as planned.   With only 10 minutes before the Court is due to close, Ros frantically tries to go before another judge to have the matter resolved but to no avail.   The counter blinds are

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12 May 2015

Squatting in Pall Mall? Not on our watch!

Picture the scene: the Easter weekend and all is quiet in Central London.  A substantial office block sits empty in Pall Mall pending redevelopment.  In the early hours of the morning, a gang of 20 or so squatters force entry and make themselves at home.

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27 April 2015

Waterfront property; des res or no go?

Owning a property with water frontage sounds idyllic, but you need to fully consider the potential ramifications before diving straight in…

Firstly, what rights does the property have over the waterway?

This will partly depend on who owns the underlying riverbed:

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