12 March 2021

Commonhold: the third way – Lucy Barber writes for EG

Head of Residential Property, Lucy Barber, has authored an article for the Estates Gazette (EG) entitled 'Commonhold: the third way'.

In her article, Lucy explains that the government is seeking to make commonhold the preferred way of property ownership and there are now proposals to try to make commonhold ownership the preferred way of owning flats. However, she highlights that in order to achieve this, leasehold tenants will want assurances that they will be in a better position under a commonhold structure.

Lucy describes the key issues the government will be addressing to mitigate the problems with commonhold as it currently exists, including:

  • Forfeiture
  • Conversion
  • Lenders
  • Flexibility

The full article was first published on 2 March 2021, and can be read here.

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