30 June 2022

Taking Off: Drones and real estate in 2022 – Louise Irvine and Andrew McEwan take part in LexisNexis webinar

Commercial Real Estate Senior Associate, Andrew McEwan, and Senior Knowledge Development Lawyer, Louise Irvine, recently produced a webinar as part of the LexisNexis Webinar series, covering the interesting topic of drones and how we are seeing them fit into the Real Estate industry at present.

Their conversation delves into topics such as:

  • the current uses for drones within real estate and beyond;
  • what the current legal framework is in relation to the ownership and use of airspace;
  • what landlords might want to consider if thinking of including drones as part of their strategy for their existing/future projects (with a particular focus on drone landing pads for deliveries); and
  • their view on where we might see increased opportunities for commercial drone use in future, for instance with ‘drone corridors’ across industrial sites and for urgent medical and remote area logistics.

McEwan commented: “As drone technology continues to improve, we are expecting to see more and more landowners start to consider incorporating provision for drones into their new schemes in years to come and we look forward to seeing whether the tight regulations in this area will eventually allow the industry to ‘take off’.”

Watch/Listen to the webinar in full here.

(Subscription required, or email [email protected] and state the code DRONES20 for 20% off access to this recording).

The webinar was first published on 16 June 2022 by LexisNexis Webinars.

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