Caring for the environment

Forsters is committed to the principles of achieving a sustainable and healthy working environment. These tenets are integrated into our business in a number of ways.

We are committed to making the most efficient use possible of the resources we use on a day-to-day basis and are working to cut the use of paper, to minimise waste and to reduce energy consumption.  We have regard to the sustainability and ethical status of the goods and services that we buy.  For example by choosing Fair Trade products and environmentally friendly cleaning materials Forsters is both environmentally and socially responsible.  These same principles are applied to the selection of the suppliers and partners we work with. 

The Forsters Green Committee, formed in 2007, allows partners and staff to engage in tackling sustainability issues within the firm. The Committee is active in promoting awareness and developing new ideas and initiatives for a more sustainable Forsters.  These initiatives have included a "Turn it Off" campaign and most recently, a "Bee Awareness" initiative.  Our electricity comes from a green supplier which generates electricity from renewable resources.  An in-house water bottling system reduces the environmental impact of delivery and allows to us recycle the bottles ourselves. We aim to improve recycling each year to reduce waste and have introduced a number of policies to cut paper consumption. 

We seek to promote a healthy work force and through our Staff Social Committee run regular initiatives including an annual "Wellness Month".  Advice is given on a range of health topics such as nutrition, managing stress, relaxation and exercise.  We have a running club for all, which benefits from being on the doorstep of Hyde Park, various sports teams (including football, softball and netball) and weekly yoga sessions. 

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