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8 January 2020

When Diversity and the Built Environment Collide

Diversity seems somewhat of a buzzword in many industries, not least in the Built Environment. So, let's set out some specific examples of how diversity has positively influenced the Built Environment and where a lack of consideration of diversity has negatively impacted the industry.

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3 January 2020

HMRC opines on situs of crypto-assets

For those of us operating in the UK tax world, HMRC have a marvellous ability to confound expectations. In recent years they have delivered surprises on topics such as specialty debts, offshore income gains (as non-protected income), and remittance basis users using non-UK income and gains as loan collateral.

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20 December 2019

Balance of power shifts towards residential tenants

Although not specifically referred to in the Queen's speech the Renters' Reform Bill can be found amongst the small print in the Government's briefing document. The main elements of the bill include abolishing the use of "no-fault" evictions by removing Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 and reforming the grounds for possession.

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17 December 2019

Private sector ACM Cladding Remediation Fund

Almost two years since the Grenfell Tower tragedy there are still around 165 privately owned, high-rise buildings over 18 metres high covered in dangerous aluminium composite material cladding ("ACM Cladding").

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16 December 2019

Development trends in the UK hotels sector

Knight Frank recently published their analysis of development trends in the UK hotels sector.

The central message is that despite lingering uncertainty caused by Brexit, increasing land values, build costs and competition from other development uses, there are still record levels of institutional investment and a strong development pipeline.

Some key takeaways are as follows:

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2 December 2019

Supreme Court rules on “buying” planning permission

R (on the application of Wright) (Respondent) v Resilient Energy Severndale Ltd and Forest of Dean District Council (Appellants),

In a recent judgement, the Supreme Court has upheld a ruling quashing a planning permission for a wind turbine on the basis that a “community fund donation” does not qualify as a material planning consideration.

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