21 June 2021

Been there, done that: In conversation with Director, Danny Malone

What better way to find out about the pros and cons, highs and lows of being a director than to ask someone who has done it all? So, we did. Danny kindly agreed to give us an insight into what being a director actually entails, the risks and challenges that directors face and what it takes to be an effective director.

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21 June 2021

The Recovery Loan Scheme: A Summary

The 31 March 2021 deadline for applications under the previous government-backed COVID-19 loan schemes has well and truly passed, however many businesses still need financial support as they try to recover from the economic effects of the pandemic. The Recovery Loan Scheme (the “Scheme”), announced in the Spring 2021 Budget, aims to do just that. A summary of the Scheme is set out in this article.

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18 June 2021

Whole life carbon footprint of buildings

Whilst much of the focus on the decarbonisation of the built environment has been on owners and occupiers working together to reduce the operational carbon footprint of buildings, alongside this, we are increasingly hearing about the importance of addressing embodied carbon – the other key factor in establishing the total carbon footprint of a building.

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12 June 2021

Becoming a Director: Knowing your duties and potential liabilities

Becoming a director is a significant step in your career. As a director, you will be responsible for managing the company on a day-to-day basis with the rest of the board and you will have decision-making responsibilities, whether on an individual basis, as part of a committee or at board-level. As such, you will hold a significant amount of power within the company structure.

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14 May 2021

Westminster removes affordable housing requirements for hotels

Westminster City Council published its City Plan on 21 April 2021, deleting the controversial requirement for hotel development to make provision for affordable housing. The proposed policy threatened to further hamper the creation of much needed visitor accommodation within central London.

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