15 February 2017

Jo Edwards quoted in the Times and Daily Express, and interviewed on BBC Radio West Midlands, over highly unusual divorce case

Jo Edwards, Head of Family at Forsters LLP, was interviewed/quoted in relation to the case of Mr and Mrs Owens, a couple married for 39 years when Mrs Owens brought divorce proceedings. 

In a highly unusual turn of events, the judge considering Mrs Owens' application for Decree Nisi decided that she had not proven to the court's satisfaction that the marriage had broken down irretrievably (the legal test), in that she had not shown that Mr Owens had behaved in such a way that she couldn't reasonably be expected to live with him.  The effect, as she said to the Court of Appeal, is to leave her locked in a loveless marriage until a period of 5 years' separation had elapsed.  Jo commented on the unusual facts of the case and said that it highlights, again, the urgent need to move to a system of no fault divorce, which does not require couples to apportion blame for the breakdown of their marriage.

Please click here to read The Times article.



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