9 March 2022

Generation Now - Episode Three: By Rotation founder Eshita Kabra on transforming fashion rental

Katherine talks to Eshita Kabra Davies, the founder of By Rotation - the world’s first fashion rental social app. Dubbed as the ‘Instagram of fashion rental’ it’s where people can lend and rent contemporary designer fashion from each other.

They’re joined by Georgina Haddon, Senior Associate in the Residential Property team at Forsters.

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Take 5 with Georgina Haddon

In this five minute interview Georgina provides an honest review of talking to Eshita Kabra, as well as sharing her own career journey. What did she learn, how does she work with next-gen clients and what is the biggest difference between gen x and gen y?

What did you learn from the episode?

That creating a loyal and engaged customer base (or community) is far more valuable than a huge number of customers. It is incredible this has been at the forefront of ByRotation's development, to the extent that the business not only survived but thrived during a global pandemic and national lockdown!

What surprised you the most?

Quite how young Eshita was when she began her entrepreneurial journey – it's so impressive that a child of that age would have the motivation and creativity to start generating their own business.

How do you work with next-gen clients?

I act on a range of residential property transactions. I work with individual buyers and investors looking to build their property portfolios, entrepreneurs purchasing their home, and developers looking to attract innovative and entrepreneurial communities to their schemes. It's such a diverse and interesting generation to work with, no two clients are the same!

Tell us a bit about your career journey

I studied English and Music at university, and found myself researching law conversions after an elective on Music in Business where I wrote an essay on music copyright case law. I've never looked back! Between additional years studying I also worked in marketing and hospitality which I always say have been pivotal in building client management skills. At the outset of my law conversion, I was attracted to Land Law and that paired with the keen interest in customer relations meant that Residential Property was a perfect fit.

What is the biggest difference between gen x (baby boomers) and gen y (millennials)?

I think we (millennials) have a tendency to overstretch ourselves in terms of communication options. Social media, instant messaging, emails, video calls, voice notes, texts/whatsapp – we have benefitted hugely from the introduction of so many relatively new forms of correspondence and often rely on all of them day to day in some shape or form. Gen X tends to be more concise in their approach favouring text/whatsapp and email – and ultimately if they are expecting an immediate response, a phone call will probably be the predominant method of communication.

What is your millennial stereotype pet peeve?

That we are all "snowflakes"! Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of entitled Gen Ys out there but no more so than other generations- I think this is probably an automatic assumption when millennials display unexpected confidence for their years. And it is important to consider that the "oversensitivity" we're often accused of is actually likely to be intrinsically linked with the huge increase in mental health awareness over recent years.

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