25 September 2023

Outside the Box – Episode 1 - The Future of Freight

In Q1 2023 we quizzed investors and developers on the key issues affecting the industrial and logistics sector and the resulting research report, Outside the Box, set out what we characterised as an ‘industrial evolution’.
In this series of podcasts, we explore the sector’s key issues in more detail and discuss with some well-informed guests. 

Episode 1
In our first episode, Magnus Hassett, Partner at Forsters and Co-Head of Industrial and Logistics, is joined by David Elvy, Head of Future Freight Strategy at the Department for Transport, and Matthew Evans, counsel in Forsters’ Planning team.  Together, they take a closer look at the Department for Transport’s Future of Freight plan, with a particular focus on the role and impact of the planning system. 

The scale of the UK’s freight and logistics sector is enormous with 1.6 billion tonnes of goods transported in and around Britain each year.  Recognising the importance to the country of moving goods efficiently, in 2022 the Department for Transport published its Future of Freight plan.  Developed in partnership with the UK’s freight and logistics industry, the plan sets out the Government’s long-term vision for UK freight, identifying some key challenges and objectives for the sector. 

If this discussion gets you thinking about your own experience of the planning system, then do share your thoughts and respond to the ‘Freight, logistics and the planning system call for evidence’ which closes on 6 October 2023.

For Forsters’ own manifesto for the logistics industry take a look at our report from Spring 2023:  Outside the Box - Supporting an Industrial Evolution.

In this episode

  • Magnus Hassett, Partner and Co-Head of Industrial and Logistics
  • Matthew Evans, Counsel
  • David Elvy, Head of Future Freight Strategy at the Department for Transport


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