20 January 2022

Graduate Recruitment - Mythbusters

Graduate Recruitment Partner, Emily Holdstock, and More Than Law Podcast host, Miri Stickland, are joined by various guests as they discuss some of the common myths and frequently asked questions surrounding training contracts and the application process. With more content released weekly make sure you bust all of the myths with our Graduate Recruitment team as we close in on our 2022 Summer Vacation Scheme deadline at the end of January 2022.

Episode 1

Do you need to start off knowing exactly which practice area you want to qualify into? Graduate Recruitment partner Emily Holdstock, newly qualified solicitor Tamsin Collingridge and trainee Molly Haynes join podcast host Miri Stickland to discuss whether it is OK to be undecided.

Episode 2

Are there unwritten rules you need to follow in training contract interviews? Partner Katherine Ekers and trainees Ellen Jones and Cameron Turnbull join podcast host Miri Stickland to discuss what to wear and whether to eat the biscuits offered!

Episode 3

Does showing commercial awareness really mean faithfully memorising the contents of the Economist each week? Podcast host Miri Stickland is joined by Partner Katherine Ekers and trainees Phoebe Jackson and Annalisa Gardner to discuss the tricky issue of how to show commercial awareness.

Diversity & Inclusion

Senior Partner Smita Edwards, Graduate Recruitment Partner Emily Holdstock and Graduate Recruitment officer Emma Cooper join Miri Stickland to discuss why diversity and inclusion is so important to Forsters, the preconceptions that applicants may have about the firm and why they should look past them, our D&I strategy and initiatives the Graduate Recruitment team are taking to promote diversity.

Episode 4

Is only work experience in law firms relevant to a training contract application? Graduate Recruitment partner Emily Holdstock and trainees Ellen Jones, Candice Johnson and Joe May join podcast host Miri Stickland to discuss how work and volunteering experience in other sectors can also be a huge asset.

Episode 5

Is there a 'right' answer to the questions you are asked at interview? Partner Katherine Ekers and trainees Tatiana Kinsky and Oliver James join podcast host Miri Stickland to give their insights.

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