21 August 2019

Life as a Trainee at Forsters

Partner and training principal, Helen Marsh, and second year trainee Anastasia Pejacsevich join Miri Stickland to talk about life as a trainee at Forsters, including the type of support and training our trainees can expect to receive throughout their training contracts, adapting to life as a trainee and the process on qualification.

Helen discusses the importance of trainees here at Forsters: “We value our trainees highly here at Forsters, and as part of our business, so we try to give them the best training and we spend a lot of time and resource on them."

"The formal induction programme at the start of the training contract is quite intensive, covering all the internal processes of the firm. Both during the initial induction and throughout the training contract we focus on providing technical legal training including research, writing and drafting skills alongside pastoral training on building resilience, dealing with stress and how to deal with difficult conversations.”

Anastasia provides her perspective as a current trainee: “As a trainee every day is different. You can’t always plan your day, which makes you learn to be a lot more flexible and not to panic if something unexpected crops up. I’ve really developed how to manage my time and adapt to different situations.”

"One of the things I really like about being in an open-plan environment is that you hear more senior people asking each other questions to get the benefit of each other’s expertise, which makes it feel more normal when I have to ask questions about a piece of work I’ve been given on something I haven’t dealt with before."

You can learn more about training at Forsters by viewing our Graduate Recruitment pages.

"They are always excellent as a firm and have consistently given us sound advice."
Chambers UK, 2017