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29 October 2018

Is the sky the limit? Commercial drones in a (very) modern world

On the 1st of December 2013, CEO, Jeff Bezos revealed his plans for Amazon Prime Air – an unmanned drone delivery service - in an interview on CBS news programme, 60 Minutes. The scoffs from the sceptical would surely have been audible, even among the most forward thinking in Silicon Valley’s coffee shops and break-out spaces.

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15 October 2018

Permitted Development Rights – Crystal Clear?

Permitted development rights (or “PD rights”, for short) have long been seen as extremely advantageous in expediting certain developments; even more so following the extension of these rights to permit the conversion of underutilised office and agricultural buildings to residential dwellings; a move thought to be key in solving the current “housing crisis”.

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8 October 2018

The Ground beneath your Feet

It has long been accepted that a freeholder (in theory) owns the subsoil beneath their land down to the centre of the earth and the airspace above their land up to the sky.

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13 September 2018

Meet Legal Apprentice, Kabir Sidhu

We caught up with legal apprentice, Kabir Sidhu, to find out how he is finding the paralegal apprenticeship scheme and life in general here at 31 Hill Street.

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8 August 2018

Contract Out Of Concurrent Confusion

Following the Court of Appeal's decision last week in North Midland Building Limited v Cyden Homes Limited, we thought it would be helpful to briefly summarise the position.

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25 July 2018

Gig Economy: Developments in the UK and France

The gig economy is categorised by individuals receiving payment for the “gigs” they do. Those working in the, gig economy do not have fixed shifts and have the flexibility to work as much or as little as they like.

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