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30 August 2018

Jo Edwards appeared on BBC News, ITV News and Channel 4 News to discuss the Supreme Court ruling that denying widow bereavement benefit from an unmarried partner was discriminatory and a breach of human rights

Head of Family, Jo Edwards appeared on BBC 5 o’clock News, ITV News Weekday Lunchtime and Teatime and Channel 4 News on the day that the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Siobhan McLaughlin. Ms McLaughlin was denied access to widowed parent’s allowance, after her partner died, because they were not married. The couple had lived together for 23 years and had four children.

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8 August 2018

A flea in the experts’ ear

A recent judgement in the TCC (Imperial Chemical Industries Limited v Merit Merrell Technology Limited) contains some strident criticism of the experts giving evidence in the trial.  In addition, although the Judge (Fraser J) reserves his most direct criticism for the experts, he was clearly unimpressed with the lawyers who had instructed them.  There are therefore lessons both for experts and

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