17 March 2021

Strategic Land Podcast

Our latest More Than Law podcast features our cross-departmental strategic land team, with host Miri Stickland talking to Partners Christopher Findley and Henry Cecil from the Rural Property team, Commercial Real Estate partner Ben Brayford and Planning partner Victoria Du Croz. Discussion points include what we mean by “strategic land”, who are the key parties and their particular drivers and concerns, and the key components needed for a successful strategic land development.

"Strategic land is basically land identified for the opportunity of new development, usually as a major extension of an existing urban settlement or a brand new residential-based development on a greenfield site. With it come the requirements for allocation in a local plan by the Local Authority, master planning to work out how much land you need to accommodate the number of residential units you are aiming to build, as well as the land assembly.”

“From the master developer point of view, they will be very invested in the success of the early phases of the development because the value of future plots will depend to some extent on how those early phases progress. You also need to consider the legacy and control aspects, which will be particularly pertinent to larger estates who will have a keen eye on the design and architecture of a development. Having discussions early on and understanding where the various parties’ pressure points are is going to be extremely important.”

In this episode we were joined by:

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