Sustainability Hub

Welcome to our Sustainability Hub

We are committed to running a business that is environmentally sustainable. Not only do we continually strive to minimise our impact on the environment, but we have years of experience of incorporating sustainability considerations into the legal advice that we provide to our clients.

Our Sustainability Group is a team of lawyers drawn from our key practice areas: Private Client, Real Estate, Tax, Banking and Corporate. The team has experience in advising on sector specific issues, including:

  • The negotiation of green leases
  • Sustainability and the future of farming
  • The responsibilities of trustees when making sustainable investments
  • Lenders’ requirements for providing green loans.

Links to content on these topics (and many others) can be found below.

Our sustainability hub brings together the team’s insights and legal expertise on a broad range of environmental matters that affect our clients' business and personal affairs. This is a rapidly evolving and wide-ranging area of law and we will continue to share our insights about related legal developments on this hub.

At the heart of the firm’s commitment to operating a sustainable business is our longstanding Green Impact Group (GIG) and our firm-wide CSR policy. Find out more about our firm's green credentials and carbon neutral status here. We speak from experience and with conviction.

Sustainable Investments – a guide for trustees and family offices

As we move towards a period of post-lockdown global recovery, many wealthy individuals and families will be looking at how they can use their wealth to contribute to a more sustainable future for the benefit of their own families and others.

Invest for Sustainability

Sustainability and the future of farming

The impact of the global response to coronavirus on farming has added another angle to the already complicated debate around the future of farming in the UK.

Farm for Sustainability

Sustainability in business – Beyond box-ticking

Sustainability in business has become a hotter topic of consideration and evaluation for boards, investors and customers than ever before.

Business for Sustainability

Green loans and their application in the real estate sector

The government has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and has made it clear that the financial services play a key role in supporting this by financing the 'greening' of the economy.

Lend for Sustainability

Logistics – the future is sustainable

The logistics sector could be forgiven for becoming complacent due to the seemingly never-ending demand for prime warehouse space. However, the developers that operate within the sector are acutely aware that in order to remain on trend, the sector (much like the rest of the world) needs to operate in a sustainable fashion.

Logistics for Sustainability

Government White Paper: Planning for the Future – Beautiful and Sustainable Places

The Government has published its White Paper setting out far reaching proposals to reform the planning system with the aim to simplify, speed up and create more certainty in the planning process.

Planning for Sustainability

Sustainability at Forsters

Forsters is committed to the principles of achieving a sustainable and healthy working environment. These tenets are integrated into our business in a number of ways.

Forsters for Sustainability

"These are uncertain times for all of us and our thoughts are with those who have been affected by the outbreak. As a firm our priority is the health and wellbeing of our partners and staff and of everybody we work with – our clients, our contacts and our suppliers."
Emily Exton, Managing Partner