Candice Johnson

Candice Johnson

Candice is a Trainee Solicitor whose training started in February 2021 and will qualify as a Solicitor in 2023.

Why did you choose a career in law?

I like the academic aspect of a career in law which means that you are a student of your profession. No two matters are the same, and it is fun to be challenged by new problems or have to respond to updates in the legal or wider world.

Have the skills you learnt during your degree been useful to you training contract?

Yes. I have a business degree and being able to understand the things that are important to a business is very helpful as there is a corporate element to much of our work.

What made you want to train at Forsters over other firms and has reality lived up to your expectations?

The reputation for interesting, high quality work balanced with a sociable, friendly group of people.

What was your recruitment process experience for a training contract with Forsters?

I was invited to attend an open day following submission of a training contract application, and was then invited back for a training contract interview.

How were you inducted to the firm?

My induction took place virtually due to Covid restrictions, but the shipment of all of my IT equipment and virtual training session were all seamless.

What has been your most memorable moment at Forsters so far?

Being able to attend a site visit at one of our client’s properties, hard hat and all.

What have been the highlights of you career with Forsters so far?

Being able to write a note of advice to a client on a legal point for which there was no clear answer, and the discussions that took place with my colleagues in drafting the note.

What is a typical day as a trainee solicitor with Forsters?

I log onto my computer between 09:00 and 09:30 each day to catch up on emails. I usually have a list of items to work on in the morning; otherwise, I contact members of my department to let them know I have capacity to help with tasks. On any given day I will work on multiple matters. It is pretty rare for all of my time to be dedicated to a single task or matter. When I work from home I walk my dog at lunchtime, but if I am in the office I make an effort to leave my desk for lunch or coffee with a friend. Depending on how busy the department is, I usually log off between 18:00 and 19:00.

What are the benefits of a career with Forsters both in and outside the office?

Exposure to interesting, challenging work. The size of the firm means that you are given a good amount of responsibility, but that you will be able to draw on the expertise of colleagues around the firm.

What are the people and the culture like at Forsters?

Everyone is friendly and approachable. The leadership is professional, but also pragmatic in terms of the agile working and “dress for your day” policies. Colleagues seem to be interested in both the professional and personal development of others, and there are plenty of opportunities to relax and have fun at social events.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given so far?

Use the ‘Read Aloud’ function after you have drafted anything to help pick up on any errors.

What is your no. 1 tip for someone who wants to be a trainee at Forsters?

Be yourself, make an effort to be engaging and know that you are not expected to know everything.

Did you have a career before your training contract?

Yes. I spent seven years in the United States Air Force as an Intelligence Officer prior to changing careers and starting my training contract at Forsters.

Aside from fee earning, how are you involved in the firm’s wider activities?

I am on the firm’s LGBTQ+ Committee and the Pro Bono Committee. I have also played one game with the netball team but plan to play more when I am able to stay in London after work. I recently ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon, along with three other members of the firm, to raise money for St Andrew’s Club.

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