Sonny Stewart

Sonny Stewart

Sonny is a Trainee Solicitor who joined Forsters in September 2021 and who will qualify as a solicitor in 2023.

What made you want to train at Forsters over other firms and has reality lived up to your expectations?

The people and the culture. There are plenty of great law firms in London and the UK that all complete quality work for prestigious clients. This is no different at Forsters, but what sets us apart is the supportive work environment you get to experience this in. Every person throughout the firm is approachable and understanding which motivates you to complete work to the best of your ability. There is also a great deal of trust given to you here at Forsters, you experience responsibility and client exposure almost instantly, which enhances your training and makes you a better lawyer faster.

What was your recruitment process experience for a training contract with Forsters?

I applied for a training contract with Forsters during my third and final year at university. I was contacted around July 2019 inviting me to an assessment centre with the firm. Following that I was invited back for a final interview. I received the offer around a week later and was ecstatic.

How did the firm support you between your offer and starting your training contract?

I felt a part of the Forsters family almost immediately. We had a new joiners welcoming drinks around a week after we accepted our training contract which I know really meant a lot to myself and the other trainees. Even though we were not starting our training contracts for two years, we were already regarded as being a part of the firm, which was a really great feeling.

What are the benefits of a career with Forsters both in and outside the office?

Firstly, inside the office, you are guaranteed high quality work for prestigious clients with a significant level of responsibility given to you at an early stage. This responsibility is then backed up by an incredibly supportive working culture and environment, where questions are welcomed, senior members in your team are approachable and you do not feel overwhelmed by the work you are completing.

Outside the office Forsters encourage you to continue pursuing your extra-curricular activities. When we work, we work hard but Forsters really understands the importance of time away from work. I have been able to keep going to the gym, playing football and seeing my friends socially alongside my job. Weekends are also completely yours with no expectance to give these up to complete work. I have also been able to get involved in the Forsters Reading Scheme which is incredibly rewarding.

What are the people and the culture like at Forsters?

The people are highly intelligent, hard working whilst also being welcoming and supportive. No question is a silly question and it feels like there is no hierarchy here, all the partners are happy to help and it never feels scary asking them for advice.

The culture is very unique and the main reason I applied to Forsters. Everyone works hard and you are expected to complete your work to a high standard, which is essential to ensure our clients continue to be satisfied with our service. However, this work is completed in an environment which encourages you to complete your best work, due to the support you receive from everyone in the firm.

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