4 December 2023

Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Energy Efficiency Regulations in Real Estate

Listen in as we uncover the intricacies of global real estate decisions impacted by changing regulations with Edward Glass.

We explore critical topics such as minimum energy efficiency standards, energy performance certificates, and the rise of green lease clauses. Edward has been tracking the E in ESG closely since 2013-14, and his expertise shines as he discusses the change in the industry that EPC regulations have instigated and how Forsters is dedicated to sustainability.

We venture further into the financial implications of current and future regulations on real estate investments, emphasising the potential costs and risks for asset owners. We tackle the important question of how landlords should approach energy performance certificates, particularly with the looming necessity of capital expenditure to upgrade buildings to comply with future regulations. Listen in as we analyse the proposed uplift in minimum energy standards, its potential impact on the UK real estate, and strategies for budgeting for OPEX costs.

The episode concludes with an insightful look into the changing landscape of green lease clauses, data sharing, and its enforceability. Edward shares his observations on the evolving narrative for both landlords and tenants and key considerations when drafting leases. We discuss innovative approaches like the Chancery Lane Project, the challenges of enforcing sustainability clauses in the commercial sector, and the importance of a strong landlord-tenant relationship in the residential sector. So, tune in and equip yourself with knowledge about the changing regulations in real estate, whether you are a landlord, tenant, or investor.

  • Energy Efficiency Standards and Green Lease
  • Implications of Energy Performance Certificates
  • Changing Green Lease Clauses Landscape
  • Green Lease Clauses and Data Sharing

This podcast was recorded and first published by LifeProven. Read more here.

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