16 February 2024

Biodiversity Net Gain obligations

BNG planning obligations came into effect on 12 February 2024. This means that for most developments, any planning application submitted from this date will be subject to the BNG requirements. Any existing permissions, or applications pending at this date, are not affected.

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15 February 2024

The Lifecycle of a Business – Dividends

Setting up and running your own business is an amazing achievement. It requires vision, creativity, motivation and stamina. On occasion, it can even bring you fame, riches and fortune. But it can also result in reams of paperwork and cause sleepless nights.

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5 February 2024

Private Water Supplies

About one percent of the population rely on a private water supply, where water is drawn from a borehole, well, spring, lake, stream or river to service their properties. A borehole is likely the most common method for domestic properties.

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5 January 2024

Employment Law: Looking Back on 2023 and the Forecast for 2024

It can be tough being an employer: many are still grappling with the new employment landscape left after Covid (such as remote and hybrid working arrangements) and are still trying to understand the expectations of the new generation of worker, all whilst trying to keep up-to-date with a never-ending raft of legislative changes.

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