4 July 2016

Forsters Finally Find Winning Formula as St. Bride's Triumph at Annual Cricket Day

There's a man in Liverpool who claims to have invented a game that in certain respects is a bit like cricket.

What he doesn't know is that for the last five years, Forsters have hosted a tournament for that very same sport.

To celebrate the 5th edition of the competition, Forsters welcomed back the ever-present Ellandi, together with St Bride's, Caisson and Grosvenor; the five teams assembling at Kew Cricket Club early on Thursday afternoon.

With the bar - and more importantly the lunch buffet - open for business, the first teams took to the field, albeit reluctantly, with debutants Grosvenor opening the batting. As play progressed in the round robin tournament, it soon became clear that St. Bride's had had the audacity to select a team that could actually play cricket - surely a breach of tournament rules. Unsurprisingly they romped to victory in each of their three games and took home the no-expense-spared trophy for the first time.

The aforementioned rules also clearly state that under no circumstances are the hosts to win any of their games. In the last 4 years this has been achieved with little effort. But there were unprecedented scenes in West London on Thursday as, to the bemusement of the Forsters side, a close-fought victory over Ellandi secured a first ever tournament win and sparked wild celebrations in the stands.

With St Bride's clear at the top of the table, the other 4 teams finished tied for both second and last place, with a win apiece.

Forsters: Tennant (wk/c), Wright, Evans, Monk, Sasanow, Goodmaker

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