17 February 2021

Thought Leaders 4 HNW Divorce Year in Review: A Year Like No Other – Rosie Schumm to join industry experts

Family Partner, Rosie Schumm, will be joining a host of industry experts at the upcoming Thought Leaders 4 online event, entitled 'HNW Divorce Year in Review: A Year Like No Other'.

The event, described as the ultimate showdown between ten of the top divorce practitioners, will debate which has been the most important divorce topic of the year.

The topics covered will include:

  • Top Up Maintenance for children
  • Delivering family justice in a post COVID world
  • Developments in Children Act 1989 Schedule 1 cases
  • RC vs. JC – the future of compensation
  • FDR privilege after V vs. W
  • Developments in short marriage cases
  • The treatment of pension in needs cases
  • Setting aside orders after CB vs. EB
  • Arbitration after Haley
  • Non-disclosure and financial proceedings

Full details of the event and how to register can be found here.

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