Thinking of relocating to the UK?

Senior Executives: thinking of relocating to the UK?

We answer common questions raised at key stages of the relocation process.

Forsters’ SenEx Advisory Group regularly advises internationally mobile company executives and professionals when a move to or from the UK is being considered. The move triggers many questions, some of which are based on common misconceptions about the UK’s tax, immigration and employment regimes.

In this series of Q&As we share answers to the questions commonly asked at each stage of the relocation process and seek to dispel some of those misconceptions.

Stage 1 – Considering the employment offer, negotiating the contract and package

Stage 2 – Offer accepted, planning to relocate to the UK

Stage 3 – When the employee has relocated to the UK and employment has started

Stage 4 – Moving on from the UK

As showcased in these Q&As there are a wide range of matters to contend with when considering relocation. Beyond the primary career opportunity, there are employment and fiscal implications. There are also immigration issues to consider.

It is imperative to seek independent advice early in the process; this will help to ensure the relocation and remuneration package is structured to best suit individual circumstances and take advantage of any cross-border reliefs such as relevant Double Tax Treaties that could mitigate the same income being taxed in two different jurisdictions where an individual is employed in one jurisdiction but spends significant time working in another.

Please do contact any member of our Sen Ex Advisory Group to suggest a question or to find out more about how we can help.

Tax Considerations - Moving to the UK

Individuals and families intending to relocate to the UK should ensure they undertake pre-arrival tax planning in advance of a move, so that their affairs are arranged as efficiently as possible for UK tax purposes.

Click here to download our briefing on Tax Considerations when moving to the UK in PDF format

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