13 November 2018

Palmer Capital Charity Poker Tournament 2018

The fourth annual Palmer Capital Poker Tournament kicked off last Thursday at the Haymarket Hotel in London’s fashionable West End. With some commentators attributing the European Poker Tour’s 2017 hiatus and subsequent refresh to ever increasing competition from the PCPT, anticipation was high for an evening of glitz, glamour and fast-paced poker action. Over 70 industry heavyweights attended the Forsters sponsored bash, including representatives from Rockspring, Savills, Knight Dragon and SEGRO alongside many others.

Spread across 7 tables, things initially looked positive for the Forsters contingent. With the blinds low, the team were able to leverage their superior understanding of the game (aided by a hastily implemented training programme that morning to go over the rules) to collect some early chips.

Looking to replicate her previous deep run in 2016, Smita “I’ve played this before” Edwards was determined to go one better this time. Things initially looked promising with an early chip lead giving Smita control of the table and the opportunity to dictate the action. However a titanic clash of wills with Ben “It’s not a team game” Barrison eventually put paid to Smita’s ambitions before Ben had his “any two face cards” strategy thwarted by a low pocket pair.

As the blinds increased, the wheat was unceremoniously separated from the proverbial chaff, with those who knew their nut flushes from their gut-shot straight draws marching inexorably to the fore. Ronan “Poker Face” Ledwidge attempted to stem the tide of Forsters departures, somehow managing to keep a lid on a rollercoaster of emotions as he battled against a series of inferior hands outdrawing him on the river.

As the blinds stacked up and the field narrowed, Forsters’ representation continued to dwindle until ultimately it was left to Magnus “He definitely” Hassett to represent Forsters at the final table. Having picked up several of the sought after pink $5,000 chips along the way Magnus looked in a good spot to challenge the chip leaders for a chance at the (metaphorical) PCPT crown. A couple of nice pots helped to consolidate his position but unfortunately there was no getting away when Magnus’ full house was busted by his opponent’s successful open ended straight flush draw in dramatic fashion*.

In the end it was left to Henry Taylor from Real Rec to take top spot, with Tom Thorpe from Stepstone Global and Darren Best from Savoy Stewart claiming second and third respectively. Over £7,000 was raised for LandAid.

*May not represent actual hand played

Ben is a partner in our Commercial Real Estate team.

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