11 February 2022

Commuter belt crush - Helen Marsh quoted in The Times

Residential Property Partner, Helen Marsh, has been quoted in The Times article, ‘Commuter belt crush: why everyone wants to buy in the suburbs’.

With the ending of England’s 'Plan B' Covid restrictions, many employees have been called back to their offices and are therefore re-evaluating their pandemic induced moves to locations which now present a lengthy commute.

Sales of homes in traditional commuter locations have risen dramatically since the pandemic began. The huge rise in demand and a shortage of houses has pushed sale prices to boiling point. Record numbers of houses are being sold off-market, and bidding wars have become routine.

Helen explains that "there is lots of gazumping going on”, as lengthy property chains and delays present ample opportunities for other buyers to swoop in.

The full article can be read here, behind the paywall.

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