27 November 2019

Note to new PM: here's how to revitalise the property market

Helen Marsh, Residential Property partner, has written for The Times offering advice to the next PM on how to go about revitalising the property market stating that reducing stamp duty and building more affordable homes would bring benefits to the wider economy.

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11 November 2019

Supreme Court decision favours landlords

The Supreme Court has by a majority of 3 – 2 reversed the Court of Appeal decision in Sequent Nominees Limited v Hautford Limited 2019. The decision is an important one for landlords since they will now be justified in refusing consent for an application for change of use on the grounds that it will lead to the tenants acquiring enfranchisement rights.

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26 June 2019

Interest in London real estate remains high: Chris Myers writes for RETalk

Chris Myers, Head of International Residential Real Estate, wrote for RETalk Asia highlighting London’s continuing real estate appeal amongst Asian investors. Traditional drivers such as historical links, the prestige of a British education and long-term capital growth have all been strengthened by opportunities arising from Brexit and a weakened Pound.

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2 May 2019

Lucy Barber writes for The Sunday Times

Head of Residential Property, Lucy Barber, answers a reader's question in The Sunday Times's 'Home Help Q&A' regarding issues surrounding acquiring the freehold on a block of flats with a long term lease.

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26 March 2019

Will we be hit by new stamp duty rules for non-residents? Helen Marsh answers readers question in the FT

I live in the UK with our children who go to school here but my husband works abroad for much of the year and is classed as non-UK resident as a result. We are planning to buy a property in London for our daughter who will start university there next year, buy I am concerned we may be affected by the incoming stamp duty land tax due to my husband's position. Is this correct?

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4 February 2019

An introduction to nuptial agreements

The Forsters Family team want to open up the conversation about nuptial agreements, to dispel myths and to inform people about the benefits of having one and the practical process.

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21 January 2019

Should I wait to extend my lease? Lucy Barber writes for The Sunday Times

I own a two-bedroom flat in London, and hope to sell it in a few years’ time and move up the ladder. There are 70 years left on the lease, so it’s time to extend it, but I’ve heard the government is reforming leasehold law and is now in a consultation phase. Should I extend the lease now, when the price I pay for the extension might soon be lower?

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10 January 2019

Jo Edwards discusses Jeff Bezos’s divorce on Talk Radio

Jo Edwards was interviewed by Mike Graham on Talk Radio regarding the announcement that Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos are to divorce. During the interview Jo discussed her recommendations for having an amicable divorce and the importance of putting the needs of any children first.

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