24 October 2017

Ben Barrison quoted in The Sunday Times article 'How to fix fallen fence panels'

Property Litigation partner, Ben Barrison, was quoted in this weekend's Sunday Times article entitled 'How to fix fallen fence panels'.

With the recent arrival of storms Ophelia and Brian to the UK the article acted as a reminder to property owners to check their boundaries and avoid any neighbourly disputes over responsibility and maintenance.

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28 September 2017

“Civil partnerships on the rise”

Jo Edwards commented on the latest Office for National Statistics civil partnership figures for England and Wales, her comments featuring in The Times and New Law Journal.

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26 September 2017

Asset Management Q&A

Q: I am buying a property which has an existing defective title insurance policy. Please can you explain a bit more about what this means?

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13 September 2017

In the family: The 'Bank of Mum and Dad'

The ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ is now one of the top 10 mortgage lenders. So how should you advise clients receiving funds from family, and when should you advise them to consult a family lawyer?

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12 September 2017

All right now

Genevieve Loveland, Peter Selwyn, and Sarah Harte discuss the drafting of rights of way, the new Electronic Communications Code, and the ‘registration gap’.

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4 September 2017

Emily Exton quoted in Spear's magazine

Emily Exton, Head of Dispute Resolution, was quoted in Spear’s magazine discussing a fascinating case involving the heirs of the Nizam of Hyderabad and the rise of trust and estate litigation as complex family structures become more commonplace.

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14 August 2017

Q&A – Assignment or Underletting?

Q. We took a lease in 2013 of two floors of an office building in London. Our company has downsized, and we no longer require such a large space. Is there any way in which this new company can take the lease off our hands?

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14 June 2017

'Short' marriage ruling departs from equal sharing principle

The Court of Appeal ruled in the case of Julie Therese Sharp v Robin Duncan Sharp, that the combination of factors - a short marriage, no children, dual incomes and separate finances - warranted departing from the equal sharing principle in the division of marital assets.

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12 June 2017

'Short' marriage ruling expected

Jo Edwards discussed an impending judgement which could be significant in determining the division of marital assets in "short" marriages in an article for The Law Society Gazette.

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12 June 2017

Patrick Harney quoted in The Lawyer

Head of Private Client, Patrick Harney was interviewed for The Lawyer article "Private client 2.0" which discussed the private client landscape from a legal perspective.

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8 June 2017

SDLT: Be in full possession of the facts

The SDLT regime for residential property is complex and solicitors must ensure they understand the full fact pattern of their client’s case before advising, explains Elizabeth Small in a recent Solicitors Journal article.

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30 May 2017

The right way to manage

Sarah Heatley, James Noble, and Charlotte Ross discuss the right to manage, the risks involved in deeds of variation, and the reasonableness of recovery of repair costs.

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17 May 2017

Development Q&A

Q: I am buying a development site with the benefit of planning permission. Am I right in thinking there is no issue with me using the design drawings which formed part of the planning application?

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4 May 2017

Transparency v Privacy

Laura Williamson highlights the pros and cons of the proposed register for foreign property-owning companies in Property Law Journal.

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15 March 2017

Asset Management Q&A

Q: We are buying a let property and I am concerned that the service charge regime has been poorly run by the current owners.

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19 January 2017

Asset Management Q&A

We own a number of unmortgaged properties throughout the UK, and are aware that fraudulent property transactions are on the rise. Is there any way that we can easily monitor activity in relation to our properties?

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