7 April 2022

Construction Focus - Insolvency in construction: Dan Cudlipp writes for the Property Law Journal

Construction Associate, Dan Cudlipp, has written for Property Law Journal, assessing the increasing risk and legal consequences surrounding construction-related insolvencies.

This article was first published in Property Law Journal 396 (April 2022) and is also available on lawjournals.co.uk.

The article, entitled “Construction Focus: Insolvency in Construction” outlines the specific challenges faced by construction companies, the contractual consequences when a main contractor enters insolvency, and the practical next steps for dealing with such issues.

Cudlipp says “there are a number of separate but closely connected factors that are combining to make life tough for construction companies, but all are underpinned by the Covid-19 pandemic, which had an immediate yet lingering impact on a construction industry already seeking to navigate the vagaries of Brexit.”

The challenges faced by the industry show little sign of letting up.

The full article can be read here.

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