29 October 2020

Emma White speaks for Vie International on the use of family limited partnership structures

Private Client Partner, Emma White, was invited to speak alongside Michael Lewis of Frank Hirth as part of Vie International's Vie Voices webinar series.

In the webinar, Emma covers the use of family limited partnership structures in US/UK gift and estate planning.

The key discussion points include:

  • The current push to “use it or lose it” in the context of gift and estate planning for US-connected families
  • UK tax issues relating to the use of trusts for deemed domiciled clients
  • Why FLPs might be considered an attractive alternative to trusts
  • What will a typical FLP structure look like and what are key structuring considerations?
  • US and UK tax implications (and traps for the unwary) on creation of an FLP structure
  • Reporting and compliance requirements for FLPs
  • Considering FICs as an alternative to FLPs

The full webinar recording can be found here.

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