24 August 2023

Experts call for Crooked House to be restored to former glory – Matthew Evans speaks to Property Week

Planning Counsel, Matthew Evans, has been quoted in Property Week’s latest piece on the ‘iconic’ Crooked House in Dudley following its recent demolition.

The demolition of the quirky British pub following a fire earlier this month has ignited public outrage and calls for it to be rebuilt. An investigation into arson in ongoing however locals want to know if it can ever stand again, and what a rebuild may look like.

Property Week noted that the solution may lie 120 miles away at a pub in Maida Vale, London. The Carlton Tavern was re-built following its demolition after locals campaigned for it to be reinstated. Matthew provided commentary on the options available to the local planning authority to try and ensure the Crooked House is rebuilt as quickly as possible – likely through the issue of an enforcement notice giving a definitive timescale for its reprovision. Although such notices can be appealed, it is assumed that with this level of public and political pressure, such an appeal should be determined swiftly.

This article was first published in Property Week on 24 August 2023 and is available to read in full here, behind their paywall.

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