12 October 2021

How do investors see post-pandemic London? Katherine Ekers features on EG Property Podcast

Commercial Real Estate Partner, Katherine Ekers, joined the EG Property podcast to discuss the question 'How do investors see post-pandemic London?'.

Joining EG editor, Samantha McClary alongside Katherine were Rasheed Hassan, Head of Global Cross Border Investment at Savills, and James Edwards, Managing Director of Evans Randall Investors.

Discussing London’s continuing attractiveness as an investment hotspot, Katherine, Rasheed and Samantha share their insights on how investor interest may have changed as we start to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic, how ESG are three letters on everyone’s lips and just how confident London can feel for its future prospects.

Discussion points included:

  • How has investor interest changed after the pandemic?
  • Overseas investors: how is London’s recovery seen from outside the UK?
  • Offices: how expectations of occupiers is reshaping the market
  • The impact of ESG on the future market
  • Prospects for the next 12 months: where to watch

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