19 February 2021

Implications of overseas working: Kelly Noel-Smith and Joe Beeston write for Taxation

Private Client Partner, Kelly Noel-Smith, and Senior Employment Associate, Joe Beeston's article entitled 'Implications for employers of overseas working' has been published in Taxation.

The pandemic has meant that remote working has become the 'new normal' for many worldwide, and with that, some employees are choosing to take this opportunity to spend time working in other jurisdictions.

Kelly and Joe explain that there are specific tax and employment issues to consider in these scenarios, and caution that advice should be taken to mitigate any risks.

In their article, Kelly and Joe discuss the following:

  • Taxing rights
  • Social security
  • Local employment rights
  • Health and safety considerations
  • Immigration issues
  • Confidentiality and data
  • Insurance

Read the full article here, behind the paywall.

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