27 April 2022

Jo Edwards and Amanda Sandys write for Law In Sport on how to protect athletes when a relationship breaks down

Head of Family, Jo Edwards, and Family Counsel, Amanda Sandys, have authored an article for Law In Sport entitled 'Staying On Track: How To Protect Athletes From The Impact Of Family Breakdown'.

The impact of relationship difficulties or breakdown on the well-being of sports professionals is often overlooked. It can take a significant toll on mental health and, in turn, professional performance, unless carefully managed by agents and those around them.

In their article, Jo and Amanda examine the practical issues for athletes and support teams to be aware of when forming relationships and managing relationship breakdown. Specifically, it looks at:

  • Awareness of the mental impact
  • Addressing media intrusion
  • Dealing with disputes
    • Legal frameworks for different types of relationship
    • Relationship agreements and nuptial agreements
    • Protecting finances and assets
    • Ongoing maintenance obligations
    • Choosing a favourable jurisdiction
    • Children - parenting arrangements
    • Geographical considerations
    • Alternatives to court

The full article can be read here, behind the paywall.

Jo and Amanda have acquired quite extensive experience in this field, especially with footballers, and always enjoy working with sports psychologists and reputation management professionals to get the best outcomes for their clients. If you have questions in relation to the topics raised in this article or other family matters, please do get in touch.

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