28 February 2018

Jo Edwards comments on new ONS statistics that show marriage rates in England and Wales are at their lowest on record

The new figures, released on 28 February 2018, cover marriages formed in 2015, including the first full year's figures for same sex marriages.  They show a fall of 3.4% in the number of opposite sex couples marrying in 2015 when compared to 2014, and an overall fall in marriage rates at all ages, except for men aged 65 and over and women aged 55 and over, where marriage rates have increased since 2005.

Head of Family, Jo Edwards, commented on the statistics and called upon policy makers to reform the law surrounding the rights of cohabiting couples on separation or death, as well as for a more general review of the way in which marriages are formalised, so as to be more in keeping with the needs of modern society.  She also said that now is the time for nuptial agreements to have a statutory footing.

Jo was quoted in The Times’ Brief and Family Law.

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