6 December 2016

Jo Edwards discusses divorce trends on BBC London Radio

Jo was interviewed by Eddie Mair on his BBC London Radio Drive Time show about the latest divorce statistics for England and Wales, from 2014, and the trends they reveal.

The statistics show that the percentage of marriages ending in divorce has generally increased for those marrying between the early 1970s and the early 1990s - for example, 22% of marriages in 1970 had ended in divorce by the 15th wedding anniversary, whereas 33% of marriages in 1995 had ended after the same period. For those marrying since 2000, there is some evidence of decrease in the proportion of marriages ending in divorce.  Divorce rates for all age groups have declined since 2004, save that for women aged 55-59 they have increased by 1.9% - the only segment of the population where there has been an increase.

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