22 July 2022

Leading family lawyers on the future of divorce: Jo Edwards talks to Spear’s

Head of Family, Jo Edwards, among leading divorce and family lawyers sharing their thoughts with Spear’s Magazine on the evolution and future of the family law profession.

The Q&A, entitled ‘Leading family lawyers on the future of divorce’, brought together top family lawyers to share their thoughts on how the profession has changed and where it is headed next.

Jo spoke about her experience as a mediator working with high net worth clients, the shift away from clients thinking that litigation is the only way to resolve disagreements on divorce or separation, and the growing prevalence of nuptial agreements.

The full article can be read here.

Jo was listed as a Top Recommended lawyer in the latest Spear’s Family Law Index.

Details of family mediation at Forsters may be found here and of our extensive expertise in nuptial agreements here.

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