5 July 2021

Lucy Barber quoted in ePrivateClient on the end of the SDLT holiday

Head of Residential Property, Lucy Barber, was quoted in ePrivateClient's article entitled 'Those who missed SDLT holiday should not despair'.

In her comments, Lucy explains that the holiday "spurred on the market and deals which would have previously taken months have been rushed through by solicitors and banks working overtime to help as many people as possible achieve the SDLT saving".

She goes onto highlight that while many have successfully completed before the deadline, for those that missed out, there is little they can do except renegotiate the purchase price with the seller.

However, all hope is not lost as buyers can still benefit until the end of September from the extended SDLT holiday, with a saving of up to £2,500 still available.

The full article was first published in ePrivateClient on 2 July 2021 and can be read here.

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