28 April 2020

Lucy Barber quoted in MailOnline on renovating a leasehold property without permission

Lucy Barber, Head of Residential Property, has been quoted in the MailOnline's Property Clinic answering a reader's question regarding renovating a leasehold flat and the potential risk of having the freeholder seize the property as a result.

In the article, Lucy was asked: 'Can I install a new bathroom in my leasehold property without risking my landlord taking me to court and seizing my home?'

In Lucy's extensive comments, she points out that while "Most leases of residential apartments will have some sort of restriction on the type of alterations you can carry out" the "The Landlord and Tenant Act 1927 provides that where landlord's consent is required to alterations, this may not be unreasonably withheld where the works are improvements." Lucy goes on to point out that while most renovations would be seen as improvements it is still important to check your lease and ensure you do not breach the terms, and if necessary to obtain legal advice to establish if the works to be carried out require consent, before stating that: "If the consent of the landlord is required and you fail to obtain it, you would be in breach of your lease."

Read the full article here

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