21 May 2020

Maughan v Wilmot, the consequences of non-disclosure, Matthew Brunsdon-Tully writes for ePrivateClient

Family partner, Matthew Brunsdon-Tully’s article entitled ‘How to be sure of disclosure in the virtual world’ was published in ePrivateClient.

In his article Matthew explains that when a marriage or civil partnership ends, while not all couples can agree how to divide up their assets, most can agree on what they have to divide.

However, Matthew highlights that in some cases couples cannot agree what assets they own, their relative value or even lie about their existence.

In cases of ‘non-disclosure’, where an agreement has been reached based on inaccurate information, Matthew discusses the consequences and the courts powers to secure both full disclosure and enforcement.

The article is available here behind a paywall. Please contact Matthew to discuss any of the topics raised in this article.

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