14 May 2021

Is mediation the right route for our divorce? Jamie Gaw answers the Financial Times reader's question

Jamie Gaw, Senior Associate and Mediator in our Family team, answers a reader's question in the Financial Times entitled ‘Is mediation the right route for our divorce?’

In her response, Jamie highlights mediation as a good option for the couple who are divorcing after 18 years of marriage and looking to resolve matters relating to their children and finances.

Jamie goes on to explain the process of mediation, including the potential benefits of such an approach as an alternative to court. She mentions how mediation is particularly suitable for couples who have children and wish to co-parent cooperatively in the future.

Read the full answer here (behind a paywall).

Forward-Thinking Approaches to Divorce and Separation

Coming to a decision to separate or divorce is difficult and often distressing. For many, the process that lies ahead is a mystery and it is assumed that it will be confrontational and drawn-out. However, there is in fact a wide range of forward-thinking, constructive approaches to resolving the issues flowing from your divorce or separation.

Forward Thinking Approaches to Divorce and Separation

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