7 October 2020

Is our pre-lockdown pre-nup still valid? Simon Blain answers the Financial Times reader's question

Family Partner, Simon Blain, answers a reader's question in the Financial Times' article entitled "Is our pre-lockdown pre-nup still valid?"

In his response, Simon highlights that it is not uncommon for pre-nups to be signed ahead of the wedding or even before a date has been set. He explains that a good pre-nup will be drafted to take uncertainty into account and designed to provide a fair framework for a financial settlement in a range of circumstances.

However, Simon advises those in doubt to contact their lawyer and seek legal advice as to whether the pre-nup should be reviewed given the new circumstances.

The full answer can be read here, behind the paywall.

To find out more about nuptial agreements please visit our helpful guide here or contact our Family team.

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