12 May 2017

Rosie Schumm comments on a £453 million UK divorce settlement

Family partner, Rosie Schumm commented on a significant UK divorce ruling, where the estranged wife was awarded £453 million. 

Rosie said:

“This big-money divorce settlement represents yet another example of the English court’s unparalleled generosity towards the financially weaker spouse. This generosity is rooted in the fundamental principle that breadwinner’s and homemaker’s respective contributions to a marriage are of equal importance. With this in mind, London remains to be seen as the divorce capital of the world. For high net worth international couples the financial consequences of divorcing in this jurisdiction are so significant.

Whether or not this settlement was indeed the biggest ever, as has been reported, is impossible to say. This is partly because an increasing number of high net worth couples electing for private divorce and arbitration where the proceedings and the details of the final settlement are kept entirely confidential."

Rosie's comments were picked by several publications including London Evening Standard, The Independent, ITV, The Daily Mail, The Evening Express, Daily Express, The Mirror, The Telegraph and The Guardian.

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