6 May 2022

The UK Logistics Market, A Gift That Keeps On Giving – Victoria Towers speaks to Logistics Manager

Despite the UK experiencing its deepest recession for 300 years, the industrials and logistics property industry has been enjoying a surprising period of growth.

Industrials & Logistics Partner, Victoria Towers, has provided expert commentary to Logistics Manager magazine on this welcome rise in demand for the sector, describing how Forsters “has seen rent levels in London go up from £17.50 to £24 per square foot (an increase of 37%) in ‘a matter of months.’”

“You are not going to see that kind of growth in offices [or retail at the moment].”

An interesting aspect of today’s market, she adds, which is contributing to the rise in rental prices, “is that some of the big players cannot get their foot in the door and so are pairing-up with developers on the ground and pursuing off-market deals.”

Victoria explains that many investors look to avoid open market sales in which they may be outbid, and so are acting quickly to prevent such competitive situations.

This article first appeared in the May 2022 edition of Logistics Manager magazine, it is available here.

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