17 October 2018

Will my daughter lose out by letting her boyfriend move in? Helen Marsh writes for The Telegraph Money

Residential Property partner, Helen Marsh, responded to a reader's question in The Telegraph Money.

The article, entitled "Ask an Expert: 'Will my daughter lose out by letting her boyfriend move in?'" explores whether there could be any legal or financial claim on the property if the couple in question were to later split up. 

Helen comments that “no one automatically acquires rights in a property just because they live or have lived in it with their partner” and goes on to add “but there are exceptions to this and your daughter can avoid these pitfalls”.  Helen recommended that the couple draw up a “cohabitation agreement”. Helen goes on to point out that a cohabitation agreement need not be complicated, but must be clear, and signed by them both, ideally with the help of a specialist solicitor so that all parties are fully aware of the issues and risks.


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