17 September 2020

Corporate Newsletter Issue 2 – Autumn 2020

The one thing that seems to remain a constant is that the business community will not stagnate or stop economic activity. This energy and drive from the business community does mean that companies need to be able to adapt and respond to different economic circumstances and situations.

In the autumn 2020 issue of Forsters' Corporate newsletter, the Corporate team explore and consider some of the challenges that businesses will face and the issues they will need to consider when undertaking corporate transactions in this environment. The economic and business landscape is almost certainly different to what it was before and being alert to how that may impact and affect deals should lead to better, more efficient transaction outcomes.

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Our Insights

"Forsters have acted for me for some 25 years now. They have looked after all of my legal affairs over the years, conveyancing, litigation, enfranchisement, corporate, and personal with great care and professionalism. They are a hugely loyal and happy family, one that I am proud to be connected with."  
Nick Capstick-Dale, UK Real Estate Ltd