20 March 2017

Emily Exton discusses the significance of wills on BBC Radio London

Emily Exton, Head of Dispute Resolution at Forsters LLP, spoke to BBC Radio London presenter Vanessa Feltz and various callers about the significance of a will in determining how the estate of a deceased individual should be divided.

Emily was asked, is making a will complicated?

"It doesn't need to be complicated or expensive; for most people it's a straightforward exercise.  I would recommend taking advice rather than doing a homemade will because that avoids mistakes being made that can then cause difficulties afterwards, but it doesn't have to be an expensive procedure."

Emily discusses how the judgment supports the intentions of those making wills:

"….the judgment that was handed down yesterday reinforces that [for the most part it is possible to leave your estate to whoever you like]. We do have testamentary freedom in this country and it remains an important principle of law. There is, however, a statute which allows people who have been left, who are dependent on the person who has died at the time of death, to make an application for more money from the estate if they have been left in need."

Listen to Emily speak on BBC Radio London - Emily joins the show at 25:15.

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