20 September 2022

Google suffers blow in battle against €4bn EU fine: Caroline Harbord comments in The Times

Dispute Resolution Partner, Caroline Harbord, has been published in The Times commenting on the recent European Court ruling which saw the owners of Google lose their appeal against a record fine for abusing its dominance of the Android phone system.

Caroline commented that “Not only is the hefty fine bad news for Google in an of itself” but that the ruling “will very likely be used as a foundation for huge follow-on damages claims — potentially running into the billions —from those who have suffered loss as a result of Google’s conduct”.

Read the full article here (behind a paywall)

In a further article for The Times, Caroline followed up by saying that the UK’s competition appeal tribunal’s opt-out group was “becoming increasingly tried and tested and funders and insurers are willing to back them — as demonstrated by the action filed against Google in respect of advertising malpractice”.

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